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About the track

The Rodafix track can be installed in various types of vehicles: harvester combines, tractors, loaders, trucks, buses, etc., without any change on them. The exclusive Rodafix system allows the direct assembly on the wheel hub. It means, you take the tire, put the track and start to work, without the need for alignment or any other adjustment.

In 60 minutes a 4×2 vehicle acquires 30% more traction capacity than a corresponding 4×4, with less mechanical effort, less soil compaction and lower fuel consumption. It has the concept of a unique turning center, with undercarriage wear about 40% less than conventional systems, since the chain track tension is constant.

In addition, the Quick Install concept optimizes the use because it facilitates the assembly of the track when it is really necessary.

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Technical sheet4 Rollers
Overall Length2.150mm
Front Length (from the center of the sprocket)1.070mm
Shoe track widthup to 1000mm
Ground contact range1.090mm
Total Weight (shoes 800mm / pair)2.200kg
Overall height1.215mm
Maximum speed (recommended)8km/h
Warranty1 year or 600 hours

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