Universal metalic tracks for

About the track

The Universal metalic tracks have been specifically designed for use in rice harvesters. Agro Máquinas supplies this product for 4 OEM customers in Brazil and abroad, having already exported for more than 30 countries.

It features a unique, permanently lubricated, sealed support shaft system that prevents wear and damage, increasing undercarriage life..

The Universal Installation Kit enables easy installation of the metalic track on other harvester combines. The Coupling Kit to the 3rd point of the tractors facilitates the transport and assembly. The chassis “closed beam” has extreme constructive rigidity, with option of 6, 7 or 8 rollers. Reinforced shoes, from 600 up to 1500mm, have various traction profiles.

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Technical sheet6 Rollers7 Rollers8 Rollers
Overall Length2.800mm3.060mm3.300mm
Front length (from center of sprocket)1400mm1400mm1650mm
Width of track shoes600 a 1500mm
Ground Contact Range1.550mm1.800mm2.100mm
Total Weight (with shoes 800mm / pair)2.600kg2.900kg3.300kg
Total Height1.270mm
Maximum speed5km/h
Warranty1 year or 400 hours

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