Rubber Track System for
Harvester Combines (CTS)

Technical Information

About the track

ON ANY GROUND ON ANY EQUIPMENT The CAMSO conversion track system increases your machine’s mobility and flotation for better access to fields with soft ground conditions. Its large footprint reduces ground compaction, minimizes field damage, and increases stability, maximizing the overall efficiency and quality of your work. Flexible and adaptable like no other, it can be used on different machine models and applications. The CAMSO conversion track system is engineered for the toughest conditions and reduces ground pressure by over 65%.

Studies show an increase in grain yield of up to 6% in the following crops, due to the reduction of soil compaction, improved rooting of the plant and better absorption of water in the soil.

More pictures

CTS T SYSTEM (3 Rollers)36T23A
Track Width915 mm (36")
Track system height1641 mm
Track system length2648 mm
Flat plate area per pair3,43 m²
CTS D SYSTEM (2 Rollers)36D23A
Track Width915 mm (36")
Track system height1647 mm
Track system length2162 mm
Flat plate area per pair2,62 m²

Digital Brochure - Rubber track for combine harvesters (CTS):


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